Charter our beautiful aircraft today and beat the airlines
Oklahoma's largest selection of pilot supplies is available for you to inspect, try on, make certain it's the right item for you, and put to work immediately
Save time with our Wifi equipped aircraft and take your meetings to-go
Oklahoma Aviation offers the newest and most advanced fleet of training and rental aircraft in Oklahoma. All are certified for IFR flight, have GPS, fuel injected engines, and long-range fuel tanks
Let us manage your aircraft so you don't have to worry about it.
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Oklahoma Aviation has the newest and most advanced fleet of charter, training and rental aircraft in Oklahoma. Come learn to love to fly with us.

Simpler than ever

Flight Training

Learn to fly in just a matter of months! Oklahoma Aviation produces the best pilots through the finest instructors, best training curriculum and newest aircraft in Oklahoma.

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Aircraft Rental

Oklahoma Aviation makes renting its aircraft a breeze, and can integrate instruction and flight checks as well.

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Websites made easy

Airplane Management

Owning an aircraft can be a lot of work. Let us relieve you of the burden so you can focus on managing your business and not your flight department.

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Built to impress

Discovery Flights

We’d love to meet you! A┬áDiscovery Flight is a great way to start toward your dream of becoming a pilot as well as meet us here at Oklahoma Aviation.

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