Flight Training

Flight Training

Learn to fly in just a matter of months! Oklahoma Aviation produces the best pilots through the finest instructors, best training curriculum and newest aircraft in Oklahoma. Your flight training will occur with an instructor and by yourself as you develop skills, experience, and confidence. Our training materials eliminate the need for night classes and ground school because the Cessna Web Based Training lets you control where and when you study. The training kit includes everything you need to get started, including an aircraft information manual, plotter, logbook, and access to online documentation as well as Cessna’s online training curriculum that provides the best training available in the industry.  But you’re not alone!  Your ground training at home directly connects to your one to one flight training with your instructor. Tailoring your coursework to meet your needs.

The fewer flight hours in training, the lower your cost. Oklahoma Aviation pilots finish in less than 50.5 flight hours as compared to the 79 hour national average at independent schools, saving almost 30 percent in flight time! Pilots trained at Oklahoma Aviation get into the air sooner – ask us for references of completed and current student pilots so they can tell you themselves.

How to begin? Pick up your training kit and start right away. You’ll next need a medical certificate and we have a list of local aviation medical examiners for the brief exam. Next, purchase renter’s insurance. And let us know when it’s most convenient to fly – weekday or weekend, morning or afternoon, we will accommodate your schedule.
Remember that Oklahoma Aviation never asks for payment in advance, either in part or in full. With us, you simply pay as you go and remain in total control.

Questions?  We want to answer them!  Call us and talk to a flight instructor. Or stop by and see us, we’d love to meet you!

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